Sycamore Room

Welcome to the Sycamore Room!

March 15, 2012
Dear Sycamore Families,

Can you believe this weather? We have actually been able to eat lunch and work outside several days this week!

Next week are Parent/Child mornings for the primary children. The Sycamore room's are on Wednesday and Thursday. This is an opportunity for you to join your child in the classroom. He/she will be able to show you around the classroom and share with you some of their favorite works. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Art to Remember packets went home with your child this week. Please look them over and send them back by the 26th. Proceeds for this go to purchasing classroom materials.

The Kids In Bloom Coin Counting Contest bagan this week. Thank you to those who brought change in this morning. The children were so excited to put the coins in the jar! Our goal is to raise $300.00 in order to sponsor a golf hole for our Kids In Bloom fundraiser. So look under those couch cushions and find some loose change! Anything you can send in is much appreciated!

I hope you have a wonderful month!


Michelle Ashley

Sycamore Classroom 2011-2012 Wish List 

If you are interested in purchasing one of the items from Montessori Services, Michael Olaf, or Nienhuis Montessori please contact let me know.

Art Cards

DA280 Great Art Picture Set (10)                       Michael Olaf                      1

Language Cards

DL370 Around Town, 3-part vocab cards               Michael Olaf                     1         


Classic Art Pictures                                        An old art book or art postcards that could be framed for Art in the classroom
Water Color Painting Paper                              Any size paper pad from craft/education stores
National Geographic Magazines for geography folders 
Outdoor Classroom/Practical Life
Spring Bulbs for planting this Fall
Outdoor patio umbrella for the deck
Potted Mums for the Deck
Small Wood Items for Polishing
Embroidery Needles (with a large eye hole)
Note:  Any monetary donations so that we could purchase these items are always greatly appreciated!