Oak Room

Welcome to the Oak Room!

November 1, 2012

It was so nice to meet with each of you this past week. I appreciate your taking the time to come in and meet with me about your child. I hope that you found it beneficial, and I hope you also know that you are always more than welcome to contact me via e-mail or phone at any time if you have questins or concerns.

Books and the Large Motor Area

A few items came up in muliple conferences, so I thought it would probably be a good idea to address them in a class 'newsletter." I was asked why the large motor area and book corner is not put on the daily record of items that the children work with. This was a wonderful question! As I thought more about it, I should probably let you know when each of these areas are used, because they are both so very important in the life of a toddler!

For the most part, I have found that each child uses these two areas at least once a day, and generally multiple times during their morning, which is why I hadn't been marking it down as a 'work' that they were doing. Some parents had then felt that this meant that their children weren't using these areas, and thisĀ is not the case al all-quite the opposite!

Language and books are a major part of the toddler classroom, and we are continually reading and engaging children in the learning of new words and concepts. Even though Montessori does not work with themes within the classroom, we bring in books that are relevant to the time or season-for instance, we have been reading books about pumpkins, apples, fall and leaves. Generally I will read a book like this at the beginning of a group time before we start music, or I might pull one out if a group of children have gathered in the book corner. I bring these books in from the library, and they are books that we can share during the different seasons in the school year.

Also, if your child does not choose a language card work within a day, I will try to sit with them and talk through the language of the work they are using. For instance, if they are using the watercolors, I will talk to them about the different colors, the brush, the sponge, the water cup, the tray, the apron, the mat, the paper, etc. There is language everywhere!

After Care Pick Up

Another concern that came up both from parents as well as our after care staff was the pick-up for after care. Please keep in mind that we try to reinforce the classroom rules and procedures during after care pick up. Because it is particularly difficult for toddlers to see other moms and dads picking up when their moms and dads aren't there, we would like to ask for you to wait outside your child's classroom, and your child will be brought to the door. It is difficult because when parent come into the classroom, some children want to show some of their work, or get caught up in dragging out the end of their day, and this then dirupts the flow of the classroom for the teacher that is working with the other children in after care. Once you call back, the teacher will have your child get their things ready and then come to the classroom door to meet you. Of course, we understand if your child needs to use the restroom or something unusual happens, but please remember that this is still a classroom that is in session. This is not the time to ask questions of the teacher or have a conference. The teacher is there to help the children that are still in aftercare. We truly appreciate your help with this transition time at the end of the day. If you have questions about your child's day that are not answered in your dialy e-mail, please e-mail your child's directress.


Here at CMS, we do not have the children wear their Halloween costumes. We find that the more we can stick to a regular routine at school, the better the children's day is! We will do some fun pumpkin crafts for the day, but our day on Wednesday will be like any normal day. Thank you for your understanding!

Dressing for the weather

Finally, with all these weather changes, please make sure that your children have what they need for the weather. We do our best to go outside every day that we can. That means that if it has rained the night before, the playground will be muddy! If you would like to have a pair of rainboots or 'muddy' shoes that stay at school, please feel free to send them in. Also, know that as the weather changes, we will be going out even when there is snow and cold weather. Please make sure that everything that you send in with your child has your name on it. At this age, your child most likely will not remember which gloves are theirs! We do our best, but any help you can give us would be appreciated!

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kate Bender

Oak Room Directress