Raising a Reader

Over the years, study after study has proven the importance of emphasizing reading in the lives of young children. The benefits are numerous and varied, and you can learn about just a few of them here. You have no doubt heard the advice before, but here are four simple steps to raising your child as […]

How to Guide Your Child Through Their Emotions

Human emotion.  We are so very lucky to each experience such a wide-ranging set of feelings, but that experience can be quite the roller coaster! As adults, our own emotions can sometimes get the best of us.  How might we help our children find healthy ways to navigate through their own? Choosing a title for […]

Creating Family Rituals

Family Ritual

Think back to your own fond childhood memories.  What sticks out the most?  For many people, it’s the little things that leave the biggest impressions.  Perhaps it was the cookies you made together during the Holidaysor staying up late to watch that special movie that only came on once a year, or maybe even the […]

Books to Love the Earth

Our planet is a beautiful, magical place.  As our children move through their young lives at a different pace and with different eyes than we have as adults, they often remind us to notice all the small and special things.  Whether it be a ladybug on their bedroom wall or the way leaves make shadows […]

Booklist: Chapter Books!

Whether your four or five-year-old is ready for some longer read-alouds at bedtime, or your elementary-aged child has discovered the wonder of reading to themselves and cannot get enough, this special book list has you covered.  The following chapter books are timeless and well-loved by children and their parents alike.  Enjoy!   My Father’s Dragon […]

Preventing Math Anxiety

Researchers from the University of Cambridge recently released a report following their study of math anxiety in primary and secondary students.  [https://www.repository.cam.ac.uk/handle/1810/290514] Their findings illustrate interesting characteristics of children who experience math anxiety,and suggest a potential connection to interactions with teachers and parents.  The interview-based study included 2,700 children in primary and secondary school in […]

5 Simple Ways to Show Her You Care on Mother’s Day

Everyone loves to feel appreciated.  With Mother’s Day coming up next Sunday, it’s a great time to think of how you might show the moms in your life what they mean to you.  We offer five simple ideas to celebrate and care for the woman who cares for everyone.   1. Remember to have a […]

Author Spotlight: Mo Willems

Mo Willems: you either already know and love this author, or you know and love this author’s work and just don’t know him by name.  Best known for his creation of an ornery but lovable pigeon, Willems has written far too many books for us to list all of them individually here.  So, if you […]

Math on the Go!

You already know that reading aloud to your child daily can have a huge impact on their literacy development.  Did you know that doing math together at home is also important?  By integrating math into your daily lives at home, you as parents are teaching your child not only that math really is applicable to […]

They’re Good for Your Kids!

Chores: the word has such a negative connotation.  But does it need to be that way? Do you remember doing chores when you were growing up?  For some of us, we remember them as a negative consequence.  For others, we never had them and it took us a while to learn how to do them […]