Montessori Basics: Cosmic Education

When Dr. Montessori began developing the elementary curriculum, she knew it had to be vastly different from the work of younger children. Not only were the academic skills to be more challenging, but the manner in which content was to be delivered shouldn’t be the same. This was because she understood that in the second […]

5 Fun Ways to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

It’s no surprise that we tend to spend more time indoors during the winter than we do during the warmer months. While your kids may have a blast playing outside some of the time, they will inevitably get cold at some point and need to come inside. The good news is that doesn’t mean their […]

Cozy Books for Chilly Days (a winter book list)

The warmth of the holiday season has passed, and the short days and long, cold evenings of winter are upon us. What better time to cuddle up with your kids and read a good book? This month we share some titles that highlight the beauty of the winter season. As always, we think borrowing books […]

Montessori Basics: The Language Curriculum

Have you ever wondered how Montessori guides teach children about language? Parents are often astounded when they observe children learning to read at a young age in our schools. What’s the secret? There’s no secret – we’re happy to share our methods! Read on to learn more about our approach, how we align our teaching […]

Work or Play? A Peek Inside the Montessori Classroom

You know Montessori classrooms are different than most. You’ve heard the rumors: children run around doing whatever they please. It’s all play and no work. Or perhaps you’ve heard the opposite: our structures are so rigid we stifle creativity and natural childhood behavior. What’s it really like? We can practically guarantee that once you step […]

Montessori vs. Traditional School: What’s the Difference?

As a parent, choosing the best program for your child can be overwhelming.  Their education, after all, will impact their relationship with learning — in school and beyond. It can also help your child discover their strengths and interests, whatever they may be. During your search, you might wonder about the benefits of Montessori vs. […]