Elementary School
Grades 1st - 6th
Our Elementary level program was established in 2004 to meet the needs expressed by our Primary program parents looking to extend the values of a Montessori education through the elementary grade levels. Existing Primary program students are usually prepared to begin this work at age 6 or 7 years old, however, acceptance is based on the developmental level of the student and not necessarily on age.
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Learning is Individualized

Our Elementary Montessori program offers a wide range of exciting, challenging, intellectual and social opportunities in a unique and special learning environment.

Work is done in a three-hour work cycle, where the children have ample time to engross themselves in work, thereby building valuable concentration skills.

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Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.

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Montessori Elementary Program

Practical Life

The student is presented with the history of language which branches into the areas of grammar, literature and written and spoken language.


Students learn how to conduct themselves on excursions and also how to arrange trips, call for an appointment, inquire about admissions fees, etc.


We broaden the student’s scope in areas such as fractions, decimal/fractions, squaring, square root, cubing, cube root, non-decimal bases, distributive laws, exponential notation algebra, and much more.


The student explores the universe and many of its facets including such topics as composition, the formation of mountains and faults, the effects of wind and water, and natural resources.


History and developing the sense of chronological time provides a bridge of culture in art, architecture, music, drama and dance to develop an awareness of a student’s own special time and place in the universe.

Phys. Ed.

Physical education is part of the Elementary level curriculum. Basic ball handling skills, cardio­vascular exercises, organized games and sports are just some of the areas covered.


The children study biology, including plants and animals. In plant study, students learn about parts, functions, seeds and varieties and classification. Older students participate in dissection of simple plants and animals, gaining experiences and knowledge first hand.

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